AV Pound & Co Ltd was established in the United Kingdom in 1929 and acquired by Hobart Enterprises Ltd in 2010. It is a leading supplier of Forest Chemicals: Gum Rosin, Rosin Resins, Turpentine, Turpentine Derivatives, Terpenes and associated products, such as Hydrocarbon Resins and Citrus Terpenes.

In 2011, Hobart Enterprises incorporated its two trading businesses, Hobart Trading and Tradebase, into the newly acquired AV Pound & Co Ltd, which broadened the traditional portfolio to include raw materials into Polymers, Adhesives & Coatings, Agrochemicals, Personal Care, Food Ingredients and Animal Feed.
The origins of Hobart Enterprises Ltd date back to 1934 when the company commenced business as an indent agent, concentrating on the importation of commodity items such as tea, coffee and vegetable oils, under the name of A.W. Jones, Walker & Carst (Pty) Ltd. The business in natural products developed to include items such as timber, rice and spices and also expanded into the importation of specialty manufactured raw materials, which included textiles, chemicals, plastics and synthetic rubber.
Over the years it expanded to become a substantial importer and distributor of chemical raw materials which find application in the adhesive, coatings, food, paper, plastics, agrochemicals, animal feed and rubber industries. The Group has offices and warehousing facilities in South Africa, Kenya, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, representing several major multinational chemical companies on an exclusive basis.